New Captive Insurance Institute Focuses on Middle Market

Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. Joins Founding Members In Upholding Highest Professional Standards For Insurance Advisers

October 20, 2010 (Houston, TX) — Capstone Associated Services, Ltd. today announces the founding of The Institute for Captive Insurance Planning (ICIP), a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to set the highest standards of professional excellence for advisers providing alternative risk/captive insurance planning services. ICIP is the premier association for advisers providing captive insurance services to middle market companies.

ICIP’s membership consists of experts involved in the various aspects of alternative risk planning. More specifically, Institute members include alternative risk management and insurance professionals, regulatory, tax, insurance and financing lawyers, resident domicile managers, CPAs specializing in insurance accounting, domicile regulators and other alternative risk professionals who are exchange ideas and share solutions with captive owners and prospective owners. Members pledge objectivity in their analysis and in connection with delivering their services.

Membership is limited to those organizations and persons with the highest professional abilities to design implement and operate alternative risk planning free from conflicts of interest, such as are seen with money management firms or brokers of commercially available insurance. ICIP promotes the highest professional standards and offers a range of educational opportunities online and around the country.

Capstone joins a group of founding members committed to the highest standard of alternative risk planning. Other founding members include Liptz & Associates, Inc., Certified Public Accountants, Irvine, California; McNeil, Levy & Friedman, Houston, Texas; Mercury Financial, Dallas/Houston, Texas; and Capstone Insurance Management, Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware; and CIMA, The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies.

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